SL Home Group

SL Home Group focuses on helping individuals with relocation, buying, selling, and investing in properties. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and prioritize their satisfaction and loyalty above all else. Our coworkers are treated with professionalism and respect through servant leadership. Additionally, we strive to support and love our community by embracing where we live, work, play, and serve. This commitment to our core values is what makes us stand out from other real estate teams.

CLIENTS: Satisfied and Loyal.
COWORKERS: Servant Leadership.
COMMUNITY: Support and Love.

Steve Lonnen
Owner & NC/SC Realtor
License: NC 51188, SC 101226
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Zach Scarboro
NC Realtor
License: 308605
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Jennifer Miserendino
SC Realtor
License: 123331
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Rebekah Emmons
NC/SC Realtor
License: NC 305121 , SC 114951
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Jeff Welliver
NC/SC Realtor
License: NC 323737 , SC 124953
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Alisha Zingalie
Director Of Business Operations- NC/SC Realtor
License: 348820/ 117638
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Eric Pezzo
License: 346245
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