Packing up the Holidays, Prep to Sell

After the holidays, many of us find our homes in a bit of disarray. With all the decorations, gift wrap and clutter that need to be packed up, it can be overwhelming! However, this time can also be an opportunity to get your home ready for sale. If you’re looking to list your home this year – decluttering after the holidays is essential to maximize its potential! 

The first step is to take down any decorations throughout your home (both inside and out). This is a great time to evaluate each item – decide whether or not they are something you want to keep or let go of. If some items no longer spark joy or you know won't be used in the future, consider donating them. It’s also a good idea to recycle any broken decor and properly dispose of any non-recyclable materials. 

Next, thoroughly clean each room from top to bottom – vacuum carpets, wipe surfaces and scrub bathrooms and kitchens until they shine! This includes closets, drawers and cabinets – allowing potential buyers get a glimpse into what type of organization is possible with plenty of storage space! Consider donating or selling items that are taking up unnecessary space - such as old technology, excess paperwork or clothing that no longer fits. 

Finally, don’t forget about curb appeal – tidy up walkways, shrubbery and lawns around the exterior of the house so it looks inviting from the outside. A little effort here goes a long way! 

Decluttering after the holidays can make a world of difference when it comes time to list your home for sale. Not only will it create more space in your home but also showcase its true potential!


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